By Marily Y. Orosa
District 17 PR Chair

There are a thousand and one reasons why Zontians should read good news and success stories about each other. One universal reason is because it is healthy to have happy thoughts which trigger a sense of undescribable well being. The foremost reason however is because Zonta is a fellowship of women achievers who each have a noteworthy story to share.

Our Zonta District 17 website was created for such a reason. Tales of achievements from our roster of clubs have to be shared if only to encourage each one of us that indeed, there is goodness in this world - and it is brought about by the empowered women of Zonta. Imagine how many pages of newsletters, websites, magazines and books our individual and collective stories can fill.

Do you have a wonderful story to tell of a special club project that has made a difference in the life of a group of stakeholders or a community or even a nation? Do send a clear and concise write-up of about 600-800 words and two photos to my email address It is important though that the story be touching, inspiring and must showcase the united effort of members of a Zonta Club to bring the project's specific goals into fruition. Camaraderie, excellence and staying true to the ideals of Zonta must stand out in each story.

Let us Zontians enjoy each other's good news - and in the process stay healthy, beautiful and empowered!

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