About Zonta

Founded in 1919, Zonta International is a global organization of executives and professionals working together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. With more than 30,000 members belonging to more than 1,200 Zonta Clubs in 63 countries and geographic areas, Zontians all over the world volunteer their time, talents and support to local and international service projects, as well as scholarship programs aimed at fulfilling Zonta's mission and objectives.

Zonta International Objectives:

  • To improve the legal, political, economic, educational, health and professional status of women at the global and local level through service and advocacy
  • To work for the advancement of understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of members
  • To promote justice and universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms
  • To be united internationally to foster high ethical standards, to implement service programs, and to provide mutual support and fellowship for members who serve their communities, their nations and the world

Note: Zonta International, its districts and its clubs are nonsectarian and nonpartisan.

Zonta District 17 Goals 2014-2016

PURPOSE - Our Purpose is to uphold our Zonta Goals

PLEDGE - We Pledge to advance the Status of Women World Wide

PROACTIVE - We will be proactive in achieving our objectives

Our Club Vision & Mission 2014-2016

Zonta Club of Makati and Environs Vision

A healthy, harmonious, humane and progressive community where individuals have access to economic opportunities, health care & resources that will enable them to meet present & future needs, determine the direction of their lives, and assume their responsibilities for the betterment of society

Zonta Club of Makati and Environs Mission

  • To uplift the lives of women & girls in the community we serve
  • To improve the quality of life in the communities served thru projects in health, education, skills training, livelihood generation & values formation

Our Club History

The Zonta Club of Makati was chartered with 22 members on April 26, 1971 by then International President Leota Pekrul. Today there are over 50 members representing diverse classifications. The club is a member of Zonta International, a worldwide organization of professionals and executives working together to advance the status of women through service and advocacy. The club was incorporated as a nonstock, nonprofit foundation in June 1983, and received its accreditation as a Donee Institution from the Philippine Council for NGO Certification on October 4, 2004 following its compliance with the latter's stringent requirements. This means that donors can deduct in full their contributions to the club from their taxable income.
Serving poor communities in Makati Over the years the Zonta Club of Makati and Environs had served the depressed communities of barrios Carmona, Pitogo, Pinagkaisahan, Guadalupe Nuevo, and East Rembo, all in Makati. For almost 20 years (from 1979 to 1998) the Club operated a Multi-purpose Community Center in Pitogo where it conducted free medical and dental services rendered by volunteer doctors and nurses. In addition, there was a pre-school for malnourished children aged four to six, where they were fed nutritious meals. A variety of services for disadvantaged women, such as food vending for livelihood, family-planning, free legal advice, adult literacy programs, including projects for the elderly, were conducted in the Club's Community Center in Pitogo. At one time there was even a Lying-in facility where pregnant mothers could deliver their babies, gratis, although this was only for normal deliveries. A public laundry facility for the women in the community was likewise available with free water supply.
At East Rembo The Club's second center in East Rembo was dedicated to skills training in high-speed sewing and embroidery machines as a livelihood project for the disadvantaged women in the community. The Club also undertook a literacy project for out-of-school youth in East Rembo, which gained the recognition of the Department of Education.
A new center in Taguig The club had to abandon its facility in Pitogo to make way for an overpass to ease traffic. Many of the above-mentioned services, particularly the medical-dental program, and the preschool for children, are now being undertaken in the Club's "Center for Women Empowerment," a two-story building the club built and opened in 2000 at the Centennial Village of Fort Bonifacio in Taguig that houses over 700 poor families. The Center has been the venue of breast-cancer awareness seminars with free breast examinations for women by specialists led by well-known breast surgeon Dr. Diana Cua and staff of the East Avenue Medical Center. This service was likewise offered in a medical mission in San Pablo City in Laguna, and in other medical missions outside of Metro Manila.
Skills training for women's economic empowerment A skills-training program for 26 unemployed women of Centennial Village, to help them become cosmetologists, was held at the Center in cooperation with the Splash Foundation. Further, a livelihood program in the Center also trained women to sew maids' uniforms, pillowcases, kneeler pillows, and tissue holders. Other livelihood-training seminars such as on Reflexology, food preservation and processing, have likewise been conducted to give the disadvantaged women in the community an opportunity to have their own microbusiness. To this end, a micro-credit program was established and is supported by TESDA alumnae. The women in the program have banded themselves into the "Kababaihan" organization that gives them both financial and moral support.
UN Links Ever mindful of Zonta's links with the United Nations, various club presidents have linked up with the UN's country team in the Philippines led by the UNDP, which would present the UN's various programs in the country-- the UNICEF, UN Food Program, and the UNIDO. The Club had likewise aligned its projects with the UN's Millenium Development Goals.
Implementing ZISVAW in Marillac Hills To address ZISVAW (Zonta International Strategies Against Violence Against Women), the Club has been working with the Department of Social Welfare and Development for the last sixeen years at the latter's rehabilitation center in Marillac Hills, Muntinlupa, where traumatized girls aged six to seventeen are housed and given psychotherapy sessions for as long as they need it. Almost all the girls have been sexually abused. Others had been physically battered. Some Zontians and their friends volunteer their time and talents giving the Marillac girls art and dance therapy sessions to help heal their trauma.
Some of the club's past presidents had been at the forefront pushing for the passage of legislation against the trafficking of persons, resulting in R.A. 9202, as well as the Anti-Violence Against Women & their Children law (R.A. 9262).
Z & Golden Z Not to forget the youth, the Club has organized a total of six Z and Golden Z clubs. The Club received Honorable Mention in the ZI Emma Conlon Awards of 1994 for its Z Club's outstanding summer project for the youth in a depressed community (Pitogo) of Makati.
Helping house the poor Because women bear the brunt of poverty, the club partnered with Gawad Kalinga for the construction of 40 low-cost houses in Taguig. It also partnered with the ABS-CBN Foundation under its BayaniJuan project, to relocate families living under the bridges of Metro Manila by the Pasig River, to Calauan, Laguna.
EWSP From 2009 to date, the club has partnered with Unilever Corp., the Dept. of Social Welfare & Development (DSWD), Woman Today, and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in providing scholarships for young women in various engineering courses at the PUP. Called "Empowering Women Scholarship Program," all its scholars subsequently passed the Board examinations and are today gainfully employed.
Outstanding Club For the club's outstanding performance in achieving the Governor's biennium goals, which included chartering a new club and two Golden Z clubs, it was named Most Outstanding Club of District 17 at the District Conference in Aug. 2011. This was in addition to its being named outstanding club for its 20% increase in members from 2010-2011. Then president Carol Llanillo received a harvest of awards. Past club president Angelina "Chona" Lopez, who was Area 5 Director in 2010-2012, was recognized for her leadership of Area 5 by its being named "Most Outstanding Area."
At the District Conference in Hong Kong in Sept. 2013, the club, under the leadership of pres. Cora J. Tan, was also named "Most Outstanding Club" for its service projects and for its Web site.
The Zonta Club of Makati and Environs Foundation, Inc. is justifiably proud of its members who have gone up the leadership ladder of Zonta International-Olivia A. Ferry, International President (2006-2008), and International Nominating Committee Chair (2008-2010); Erlinda T. Villanueva, Vice-president (1984-86), ZI Foundation Director (1986-88), and Member of the International Nominating Committee (1992-94); Erlinda E. Panlilio, International PR & Communications Chair (2006-2008); Georgitta P. Puyat, District 17 Governor (2010-2012).
Last but not the least, the Club is likewise proud of its one-time Zonta-Makati Chorale, installed in Area 5's Hall of Fame for its consistent outstanding performance at Zonta events, culminating in its being the featured performer at the Memorial service of the ZI Convention in Hong Kong in 2000. This choir was likewise the featured performer of the Philippine Embassy in its celebration of Philippine Independence Day in Madrid, Spain in 1995.
At the beginning of biennium 2012-2014, president Corazon J. Tan revisited the core mission of Zonta--the empowerment of women. She had lined up projects to train women for livelihood skills, to instill awareness of their rights, and to make them a force that will improve the status of women in the community. The incoming president, Rosie Go (2014-2016), is sure to follow in the footsteps of her achieving predecessors.

Our Club Officers & Board of Directors 2014-2016

   President    Rosie Dy-Go
   Vice President    Melissa Sawit-Romualdez
   Treasurer    Vivian Tan-Uy
   Secretary    Jennifer Dayrit-Leviste

   Directors    Maribelle Espino
     Melanie De Leon
     Lourdes Fernando
     Angelina Lopez
     Josephine Zabarte
   Ex-Officio    Corazon de Jesus-Tan

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Our Committee Chairmen 2014-2016

   Membership    Melissa Sawit-Romualdez
   Service    Joanne Zapanta Andrada
   Advocacy    Georgitta Puyat
   Nominating    Corazon de Jesus-Tan
   United Nations    Olga Martel
   Public Relations & Communications    Angelina Lopez
   Z and Golden Z    Josephine Zabarte
   Club Foundation Ambassador    Carolina Llanillo
   Club Historian    Erlinda Panlilio
   Healthcare    Dr.Lourraine Co
   Scholarship (EWSP)    Ada Mabilangan
   Fellowship    Maribelle Espino
   Finance    Vivian Uy
   Fundraising    Maritess Pineda

Our Club Members

   Name    Classification
   Abaya, Rosario "Jeannie" C.    3293 Estate Agent
   Andrada, Joanne Zapanta    2534 Columnist
   Angeles, Celia O.    1112 Managing Officer
   Aveo, Monica R.    1299 Executive Officer
   Baldemor, Charming    2531 Artist
   Banlaoi, Pamela Rose    2211 Account Manager
   Blanco, Stephania    1112 Business Owner
   Bunye, Patricia    2521 Lawyer
   Calma, Ma. Isabel    2299 Business Professional
   Chua, Polly Sycip    1112 Business Owner
   Co, Dr. Lourdes Ann D.    2312 Paediatrician
   David, Lydia M.    1112 Managing Director
   De Leon, Melanie C.    1299 Executive Officer
   Espino, Maribelle B.    2531 Visual Arts/ Crafts Professionals
   Espiritu, Cynthia    2299 Business Professional
   Esteban, Carmencita N.    1299 Research/Development Manager
   Fernandez, Socorro "Sockie"    2533 Freelance Director/Producer
   Fernando, Elizabeth S.    3323 Hotelier
   Fernando, Lourdes M.    2299 Business Professional
   Ferry, Olivia A.    1112 Chief Executive
   Florendo, Lucia G.    2533 Fashion Designer
   Fong, Susana    2521 Lawyer
   Go, Rosie Dy    1112 Business Owner
   Golez, Gloria "Baby"    1112 Business Owner
   Guerrero, Alice T.    2299 Business Professional
   Lane, Virginia    2299 Business Professional
   Ledesma, Fortune A.    1111 Diplomat (Head of Mission)
   Leviste, Jennifer D.    3293 Artist
   Llanillo, Carolina O.    2531 Artisitic Painter
   Lopez, Angelina M.    3213 Financial Advisor
   Lotilla, Arlene D.    2521 Lawyer
   Mabilangan, Ada L.    2299 Business Professional
   Magadia, Victorina    2299 Business Professional
   Martel, Olga S.    1313 Sugar Cane Grower
   Mendoza, Zenaida A.    1192 Exporter/Importer
   Marty, Casey    2299 Business Professional
   Panlilio, Erlinda E.    2535 Author
   Pineda, Maritess M.    2299 Business Professional
   Puyat, Georgitta P.    1299 Executive Officer
   Romualdez, Melissa Sawit    3213 Financial Advisor
   Rufino, Armita B.    1112 Business Owner
   Tan, Corazon DJ.    3321 Restaurateur
   Tan, Dr. Nenita Lee    1211 Treasurer
   Tan, Maria Teresa C.    3322 Chef
   Tumangan, Teresita N.    2382 Pharmacist
   Uy, Vivian T.    1192 Importer/ Exporter
   Vera, Leonida L.    1111 Ambassador
   Villanueva, Erlinda T.    2294 Management Consultant
   Villaroman, Majella    2549 Health Educator
   Wieneke, Victoria V.    2511 Social Worker
   Zabarte, Josephine K    1293 Schools Director

Service Projects

1) Past Projects Conducted

  • Free medical services at the Center provided by two full time doctors.
  • Pre-Natal Care/Post Natal Care.
  • Free Dental Services at the Center two times a week.
  • Medical Missions including ECG and X-ray machines.
  • Breast cancer awareness campaign.
  • Breast cancer screening, pap smear screening, bone density scanning.
  • Provides Psychological counselling services of a full time psychologist to sexually abused girls and young women at Marillac Hills.
  • Empowering Women Scholarship Program (EWSP) in partnership with Uniliver, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, DSWD and Woman Today.
  • Nursery and Kindergarten subsidized school at the Center with 120 students.

2) Current and Continuing Service Projects

  • An Interactive Workshop on No To Early Pregnancy and Marriage started last June 2015
  • Bravo Empowered Women Awards from July 2014 to June 2015
  • ZONTA KABABAIHAN: Livelihood trainings

Advocacy Projects

1) Past Advocacy Projects Conducted

  • Seminar on Family Code
  • Forum on Magna Carta of Women's Rights
  • Advocacy in Schools and Universities on "Say No-Unite to End Violence Against Women".
  • Seminar on the Psychological Aspect of Violence Against Women
  • Seminar on R.A. 9262 Anti Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004
  • Seminar on R.A 9202 Anti Trafficking in person

2) Current and Continuing Advocacy Projects

  • Seminar on Family Code
  • Forum on Magna Carta of Women's Rights
  • Advocacy in Schools and Universities on "Say No-Unite to End Violence Against Women".
  • Seminar on the Psychological Aspect of Violence Against Women
  • Seminar on R.A. 9262 Anti Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004
  • Seminar on R.A 9202 Anti Trafficking in person
  • Seminar on Alternative Medicine
  • Seminar on Health and Wellness
  • Z Club of Sacred Heart Academy of Novaliches seminar on No to Early Pregnancy
  • Bravo Empowered Women Awards


ZCME inducted 6 new members. The Club membership increases from 45 members to 51 members.

Contact Us

Name: Rosie Dy-Go
Email Contact: rosiego@gmail.com

Photo Gallery

General Membership Meeting
Healthcare for Women's Health Project - FREE Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) was conducted at the Zonta Center for Women Empowerment at C5 Road, Taguig City. 30 women from nearby community benefitted to this project.
Zonta Club of Makati and Environs (ZCME), in partnership with the Society of Adolescent Medicine of the Philippines Foundation, Inc. (SAMPI), held the first of a series of workshops focused on teen sexuality. The workshop effectively addresses a major thrust of Zonta International's initiative: the prevention of early teen pregnancy and marriage.
Health, Nutrition and Hygiene Project: Distributed Calcium with Vitamin B Complex to the Elderly members of Zonta Kababaihan courtesy of Dr. Nenita Tan.
Healthcare - Women's Health Project: ZC of Makati & Environs conducted a "Pap smear" at the Zonta Center for Women Empowerment, Taguig City from 9:00am to 12:00 Noon. Ms. Lilian Delfin, a registered midwife from Makati City Health Office does the procedure under the supervision of Dr. Marietta Bustillo, resident family physician of Zonta.
Zonta Club of Makati & Environs in partnership with Kabisig ng Kalahi releases milk and vitamins for the beneficiaries of "Milk for Feeding Hope Program" under Health, Nutrition and Hygiene Project from Timugan, Los Baños Laguna and Brgy. Pinagsama, Taguig City.
ZC of Makati & Environs donated 100packs of "Birthing Kit" to Inner Wheel Club; Rotary Club of Chinatown and Zonta Club of Greater Rizal for their medical mission in the province.
Under Healthcare-Women's Health Project - Novutek demo on Breast Cancer Detection
Visit to Marillac Hills(haven for sexually abused girls) with the SHOM Ladies, Mme. Gracita Sieber of Switzerland; Mme Toni Patchett Lillo of Chile; Mme. Lizia Lu of Israel; Mme. Ziki Ralte of India and Mme. Sille Forner of Norway. Zontians present were Pres. Rosie Go; VAD Cora Tan; PP Olga Martel; Dir. Melanie De Leon and Marillac Project Chair Joanne Andrada.
Guest Speaker Dr. Hazel Paragua-Zuellig talked about neurological problems associated w/ aging that include memory loss, back pain, vertigo, stroke etc.
Johann Strauss Society of the Philippines Foundation, Inc. thru its president Olga Severino-Martel donated Php100,000.00 to ZC of Makati & Environs' project in Marillac (DUYAN), a haven for sexually abused girls.
Deworming & Vitamin A: Another Preventive Pediatric Project of Dr. Lourraine Co , 32 children participated, they were given Pediasure milk to drink. Medicines and Pediasure milk were donated by Ambassador Leonida Vera.
Fluoride Treatment: Under Healthcare project a FREE Fluoride Treatment for children ages 4 to 9 y/o was held at the Zonta Center for Women Empowerment, C5 Road beside Centennial Village, Western Bicutan, Taguig City from 9:30am to 12:00 Noon. This is under the initiative of Dr. Lourraine Co, chairman-Preventive Pediatric Project with the assistance of Dr. Aisle Badillo-Nalda (Dentist) and Dr. Marietta Bustillo (Family Medicine). 51 Children from nearby communities benefitted to this project.
ZCME Kababaihan Women's Month Activities
A new member was added to ZCME family. Ms Sockie Fernandez was inducted by PIP Olivia Ferry, a Zonta pin and a yellow rose were given to her as a symbol of acceptance to the club.
Staff Recollection held at Missionaries of the Child Jesus, Makati City from 2:00 to 4:00pm with Fr. Mario Sobrejanite who gave a talk on "The Passion of God".
Rose Day/IWD at Dusit Hotel Pool side area. Won highest ZIF contribution and Most Outstanding Rose Market stall by Charming Baldemor.
Z Club of Sacred Heart Academy of Novaliches held a forum on "No to Teenage Pregnancy" speaker was Mr. Jose Dividino. The forum was participated by more than 300 students from Grade 7 to fourth year high school.
Zonta Kababaihan Sportsfest. It is a long day activity that started at 6:00 am with a parade along nearby communities followed by different games. In the afternoon a pageant was held, search for " Ms. Zonta Kababaihan". Zontian present were Pres. Rosie Go and Kababaihan Project Chair Mita Rufino.
General Membership Meeting
ZCME inducted a new member Ms. Charming Baldemor
In celebration of "Amelia Earhart Month", ZCME invited Capt. Gisela Zambrano Bendong-Boniel, Flight Commander of Air Asia Zest fleet who gave a very inspiring talk about her journey in conquering the field of a male dominated career.
Visit to "Haven for the Elderly" in Tanay, Rizal (government run institution for homeless elderly Filipinos) Health, Nutrition and Hygiene project gave boxes of Sustagen by Mead Johnson, soap, shampoo and pork and beans by Unilever.
Culmination of 16 days Activism with candellite etc. Attire formal Filipiniana with a touch of orange Zonta-Human Rights Day
ZCME Activity at Glorietta:"Silence no more... end VAW... a promise is a promise" what is impossible for men-possible for God Luke18.22
SHOM(Spouses of Heads of Mission) visit to Marillac
Kick off of 16 Days of Activism KASIBULAN (Kababaihan sa Sining at Bagong Sibol na Kamalayan) (Women in the Arts and Emerging Consciousness) is a sisterhood of women artists in the visual, literary, and performing arts, including art historians, educators, and cultural workers. Founded in 1987 by Brenda Fajardo, Imelda Cajipe Endaya, Anna Fer, Julie Lluch, and Ida Bugayong, the organization is committed to encouraging, promoting, and enhancing the artistic growth and full human development of its members, other women artists, and all Filipino women.
BREAK THE SILENCE The Seminar focused on the prevention of violence against women and girls through Education. Its purpose was to equip the 24 EWSP scholars with the knowledge of their rights, an understanding of its cultural and psychological root causes and an effort to find effective mechanisms to ensure its eradication. Dr. Valdes was able to connect with her audience and put her message through effectively. It had a great impact on the scholars. EWSP does not only provide financial support but organizes seminars, such as this one, to help guide its scholars and prepare them for their future.
United Nation Celebration
Ringing of the Bell
EWSP Scholars
8 Bravo Awardees
Installation of Officers and Board of Directors for biennium 2014-2016
Induction of New Members

The Zontian


The Zontian
2014-2016 Biennium
September 2014

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