Message from the District 17 Governor


Dear Zontians,

From the moment I was elected I am aware of the responsibility that I have to assume in the office of the District 17 board. District 17 is one of the largest district across five countries and regions. Due to the diversity in nationalities and culture, women issues are different across the district. Perhaps it is the complexity that makes the work of the District Board more challenging and therefore, more interesting.

In May 2018 we have 76 clubs and 2,461 members. The key is District 17 is very robust in growth potentials. We are conveniently located in growth economies. Asian countries are young and resourceful. Yet our Gini indices do not make us proud. Asia has a large wealth gap between the rich and the poor. A lot of work need to be done.

Sister Zontians, when we are happy at home surrounded by love and happiness, have some thoughts on the under-privileged women and girls. The more we grow our wealth; more families will fall into a class call working poor. To add on, as more companies get listed on the stock exchange board, more male directors are appointed to board positions. Work needed to change our position continues to pile up.

Leverage on the goals presented by International President Susanne von Bassewitz, we should focus on 3 goals in the centennial biennium:
Goal 1
We maximize our impact through service and advocacy initiatives and educational programs that empower women and girls
Goal 2
We strength our resources to support our mission
Goal 3
We enhance our profile around the world through our centennial anniversary activities

So, let us gather momentum and pull our acts together into actions. Besides our focus on the 3 goals and maximize our impacts in service and advocacy, consider the approaches to sharpen the quality of delivery by A. C. T.

A = Alignment
C = Communications
T = Teamwork

Let us explore in more details in area training and look forward to more interactive exchanges.

Teresa Lin
July 2018