Biennial Goals for District 17 2016-2018

“One Vision, One Mission, One Voice,
One Movement:
A Season of Weaving Dreams”

Directions for a Better Future for All:
  • Global/Local Impacts
    This biennium, let us reacquaint ourselves with what it means to be a Zontian. Our mission to empower women worldwide through service and advocacy must be at the center of every Zonta activity. It should be the driving force that bonds us all together and strengthens our organization. If we are inspired by our common cause there will be deeper understanding among members and more fulfillment from working together as one. A united effort evokes a stronger message and makes a stronger impact on society both globally and locally. In this way, Zonta can have a more distinctive social identity that resonates our united purpose that of achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. By the end of the biennium, we hope that District 17 will have more solidarity and zeal to continue its works.
  • ZI’s Centennial Anniversary
    Preparations for the coming Centennial Anniversary 2020 shall begin in coordination with Zonta International. We shall be appointing an Ad Hoc Committee to plan events in cooperation with Zonta International Centennial Anniversary Committee.

Training for District Officers, Area Directors & Club Presidents and Officers shall be given. Training materials shall also be provided to aid in better learning. ZI will also be providing additional training materials through The Zonta Leadership Academy, an online learning management system, shall be available soon.
We shall continue to improve our District 17 website and encourage other websites under the district to do so as well. We hope to update all the data on these sites and improve functions that can aid in the communication and coordination among members.

Empowerment thru Educational Opportunities
International Scholarship Grants
We shall also increase efforts to submit nominations for international scholarship grants – Amelia Earhart Fellowship, Young Women in Public Affairs Award, Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship, and Emma L. Conlon Awards.

We will continue and strengthen our campaign “Zonta Says No To Violence Against Women” by continuing the efforts on 16 days of activism and the promotion of the cause through coordinated seamless efforts within the district, locally and nationally. Through seminars and lectures on women’s empowerment principles, we shall be able to equip women to be more economically independent and successful. We shall increase efforts to engage men as partners for gender equality through organizing more secondary school seminars and husband’s forums. We hope to involve more men to understand and respect the rights of women and promote gender equality.

We shall focus on the three R’s of membership – Recruit, Retain, and Rejuvenate.
Recruit: We shall increase membership by at least 7%, equivalent to 154 new members. Clubs that have less than 20 members must increase their membership to reach the minimum requirement of 20 members. Clubs that have met the minimum requirement shall target an increase of 3 new members per club. We encourage Area Directors to assist the District in chartering at least 2 new clubs during the biennium. We also encourage the establishment of more E-clubs, Golden Z and Z clubs. We shall also increase efforts in recruiting next generation membership by transitioning Golden Z club members and former scholarship recipients to full Zonta membership.
Retain: We shall improve efforts in showing how we value our members. We shall renew the loyalty pin system to encourage and acknowledge continued active membership. We shall hold a loyalty pin presentation at least once in the biennium.
Rejuvenate: In celebration of Zonta International Day on 8 November 2017 we shall create an inter-district membership affair to encourage fellowship among members of different areas and clubs. We aim to strengthen relationships and improve harmony within District 17. We hope that in doing so we can improve the vitality of members thereby renewing their passion and commitment to Zonta. In this way, each member can serve as a stronger ambassador and will attract more potential members.

We will increase our support to international service and ZISVAW by increasing donations to Zonta International Foundation. We will accomplish this by encouraging donations from all clubs, increasing total donations by ten percent, and increasing the number of first time donors. We will continue efforts in organizing educational programs and seminars on violence against women, anti-trafficking and unsafe migration of women and children, delaying early pregnancy and early marriage, anti-bullying, and HIV awareness. We shall accomplish these with the help and cooperation of local and national governments, NGOs and like-minded organizations.
Let us remember that in everything we do for Zonta, we shall be guided by our vision to build a world in which women's rights are recognized as human rights and every woman is able to achieve her full potential. Let us rekindle our love for service and advocacy Zonta style that we may all embody the essence of being a true Zontian. District 17, let us not only be united but feel even more like one voice, one mission, one vision, and one movement. Together let’s put the Z back in Zonta!