Zonta International 2018-2020 Goals

Today, the goal to achieve equality of women and men is as relevant as it was 100 years ago. In Zonta International’s centennial anniversary biennium, we will take bold action to empower women. We place a special focus on young women, because they will be agents of change toward equality. Together, we will make Zonta strong for tomorrow.

We empower women

Goal 1

We maximize our impact through service and advocacy initiatives and educational programs that empower women and girls.

Goal 2

We strengthen our resources to support our mission.

Goal 3

We enhance our profile around the world through our centennial anniversary activities.

Goal 1

We maximize our impact through service and advocacy initiatives and educational programs that empower women and girls.”

Our approach
In Zonta’s Centennial Anniversary Biennium, we will start a major international project to eliminate one of the worst obstacles girls are facing globally: early marriage. Zonta clubs around the world are called upon to create awareness of this harmful practice among their members. By also focussing on this issue in our Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women activities, we will take a first step to make ending child marriage a signature initiative for Zonta.

In order to have more impact, we will continue our activities at the United Nations level and increase our collaboration with like-minded organizations. We will encourage Zontians to become more educated about how to empower women and girls and to join forces with others in appropriate service and advocacy projects.

As a pilot project, we will launch a scholarship that encourages women in technology to become leaders in this field, and ask all districts to implement it. All districts are asked to participate in the other educational award programs that Zonta provides so that they can raise their voices in their communities.

How to make it happen

Service and Advocacy

Clubs and Districts

  • The Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women initiative is further developed to achieve local and national governmental commitment. Clubs incorporate Zonta’s call to end child marriage through Zonta Says NO advocacy activities with 250 clubs delivering an action to oppose child marriage.
  • Each district reports new collaboration with two like-minded organizations to enhance our effectiveness in empowering women and girls.


  • We work collaboratively with UN agency partners and non-governmental organizations to fulfill the objectives of the convention-approved projects.
  • We continue to submit statements to the Commission on the Status of Women and other United Nations forums and take actions with Member States and UN agencies to advance Sustainable Development Goal No. 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
  • Our UN and Council of Europe committees represent Zonta in relevant international discussions and decisions and inform and engage our members on issues pertaining to women’s rights.


  • All districts implement the pilot Women in Technology Scholarship program that encourages women to pursue a leadership role in technology, a field that will impact the next generation of women.
  • All districts participate in Zonta’s existing education programs focused on young women leaders in service, women in business and women in aerospace.

Goal 2

We strengthen our resources to support our mission.”

Our approach
To ensure that Zonta can maximize its impact, we need to increase membership. Membership in Zonta needs to engage both up-and-coming professionals and our longstanding members through activities and fellowship that empower them as well as women in their communities. We will leverage the special resources of the UN, Council of Europe and Leadership Development committees to engage districts and clubs in women’s issues and leadership. We will enhance our strategy on how to best utilize our financial means to fulfill our mission and will review our operations at international and district levels to improve our efficiency.

How to make it happen


  • Clubs enhance fellowship and mutual support and will seek out new members that are motivated to join a global movement for women’s rights. As a result, we will have more members on 31 May 2020 than on 31 May 2018.
  • Clubs will reach out to Golden Z clubs and beneficiaries of educational programs with relationship- building and networking activities. As a result, we will welcome 200 new members in this category.
  • Districts will continue to support the chartering of student clubs as relevant service projects, and as a result, we will have more Z and Golden Z clubs on 31 May 2020 than on 31 May 2018.
  • All district and club leaders make use of the leadership training program to enhance their ability to effectively manage Zonta business.


  • Donations to the Zonta International Foundation meet or exceed the biennial fundraising goals.
  • All districts provide information and education on the power of endowment funds to provide long-term sustainability.
  • As of July 2020, at least 150 additional persons will have made provisions in their estate plans to support the Zonta International Foundation as evidenced by the Mary E. Jenkins 1919 Society.

Operations – International and Districts

  • Zonta International implements measures to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of international board, committees and headquarters operations.
  • Districts implement measures to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of district operations.

Goal 3

We enhance our profile around the world through our centennial anniversary activities.”

Our approach
We utilize Zonta’s centennial anniversary to deepen and enhance our relations with supporting individuals and organizations and to raise awareness of our activities and achievements.

How to make it happen
  • In every district and every country within Zonta, we will honor a person or an organization for outstanding achievement to empower women.
  • All districts and clubs report on actions that increase Zonta’s visibility in order to more effectively empower women.